Hmm, looks completely different from the last time I have tried (which was about 3 month ago or so). Have they re-invented themselves to style or am I missing something?

This is one reason why it's important to have several small instances instead of a centralized big one.

Schwere Sicherheitslücke im VLC Media Player

In der aktuellen Version des beliebten Audio- und Videoplayers #VLC Media Player ermöglicht eine noch ungepatchte Sicherheitslücke die Ausführung von beliebigen Programmcodes auf den betroffenen Rechnern. Das Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) des BSI stuft das Risiko als hoch ein. #Security

Erster Arbeitstag nach den Ferien. Status: Körper wach, Kopf noch nicht so wirklich.

@thomas wenn ich mich auf registrieren möchte, bekomme ich eine Fehlermeldung vom nginx: Bad Gateway.

I am planning a : for the next two weeks I want to try to mainly do all my Internet related stuff via . Because

One thing that is a bit annoying with the Mastodon @yunohost app is that after every upgrade, the instance is switched to public (open registrations) again. Not sure if this is related to the packaging, but it's a somehow a showstopper for single user instances (which is imho the best way to host a part of the fediverse besides small group instances).

Wir haben neue (gebrauchte) online. Falls Du dich für ein Gerät interessierst, kannst Du dich gerne nach unserer (bis 1.8.2019) bei uns melden.

Mein Vorgesetzter hat mir in der jüngsten Vergangenheit ein Dual Core Notebook mit Windows Vista hingestellt.

Mein erster Gedanke: Zur Entsorgung.

Sein Gedanke: Windows 10 drauf, SSD rein, Upgrade auf 8 Gb Ram, neuer Akku.

So lobe ich mir das. Ein Schritt in Richtung Nachhaltigkeit.
Guter Mann.

Physical (de)centralization of XMPP servers – we took 1000+ XMPP servers and looked at their hosters:

– about 50% of these servers are hosted by only 7 companies in 3 countries
– logical decentralization obviously doesn't imply physical decentralization
– more than 50% of servers are hosted in Germany, followed by the USA (10%) and France (7%)

#xmpp #decentralization #centralization #statistics is looking for a new maintainer!

If nobody comes forward by 2020, it'll be forced to shut down. Please boost to spread the word.

Note that this is the podcast-sharing website: I'm not sure about the status of the app, but I think that's still doing fine.

#gPodder #podcasts #python #webdev #helpwanted

If you are in need of a Debian Live USB device with persistence, check out my Script:

Making good progress with the Installbox. Basic functionality already works on . Now I have to add a Webservice for faster image pull with syslinux and prepare everything for UEFI/SecureBoot. is the first release which fully supports this:

# is not know for being the most friendly and welcoming one.

My hours at work have been cut, I will have to start freelancing again or try to get more higher tier Patreon sponsors if I want to keep working on Pixelfed this much.

If you know anyone looking for a full stack laravel developer, let me know!

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Open Collective -

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